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Analytical Engine

The Analytical Engine (ae) is a Ada dependency management tool intended to make working with Ada project dependencies easier.


  - builtin://berriedale
  - file:///tmp/ae-catalog
  - adacore/gtkada

The schematics key is of vital importance as that declares the dependencies for this project. The format is publisher/name and will map to a directory structure in the catalog wherever it may be found.

ae tool

Installing schematics

% ae install

The subcommand install will populate $PWD/.ae with the schematics defined in the $PWD/schematics.yaml file.

Using dependencies

The subcommand run can be used to provide the appropriate environment variables for executing a program such that it can access installed schematics.

% ae run gprbuild


The .aerc should be added to specific projects to override user-specific settings. Generally speaking these files should never be checked in.