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Jenkins infra on Azure

Table of Contents

This repository hosts the infrastructure-as-code definition for all the Azure hosted resources for the Jenkins Infrastructure Project.

See also for all global network related resources.


In order to use this repository to provision the Jenkins infrastructure on azure, you need:

git submodule update --init --recursive



Dont blindly execute the terraform code located in this repository on your own account as it may lead your account bill to significantly increase.

Once youve fulfilled the Requirements, you may execute any command from by adding the correct flag --directory pointing to .shared-tools/terraform/:

make --directory=.shared-tools/terraform help
make --directory=.shared-tools/terraform lint
# ...

A usual change to this repository looks like the following:

  • Fork the repository and clone it locally

  • Follow the Requirements steps to obtain the shared tools

  • Start by running a full make --directory=.shared-tools/terraform validate command to ensure that you work on a sane base (should generate a report TXT file with no changes to be applied)

  • Edit the Terraform project files

  • Run the command make --directory=.shared-tools/terraform validate again to ensure that your changes are OK

  • Commit, push and open a pull request to let the Jenkins pipeline run the test + plan (as per