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Build Instructions
1. Install jdk8, ant and python
a) Install the latest jdk8 build from http://jdk8.java.net/download.html (b119+)
b) Ensure ant is installed and ant -version is 1.8+
c) Ensure python is installed and python --version is 2.7.5+ (python3 does not work)
2. Download node.js
a) git clone https://github.com/joyent/node.git source
b) cd source
c) git checkout v0.10.22
(do 'git pull' to refresh repo if you get an error saying this version is unknown)
3. Clone dependencies (<id> is your java.net id)
(Strongly recommend that all dependencies be cloned at the same level as node.js)
a) git clone git://java.net/avatar-js~libuv-java libuv-java (read-only)
git clone ssh://<id>@git.java.net/avatar-js~libuv-java libuv-java
b) git clone git://java.net/avatar-js~http-parser-java http-parser-java (read-only)
git clone ssh://<id>@git.java.net/avatar-js~http-parser-java http-parser-java
c) git clone git://java.net/avatar-js~src avatar-js (read-only)
git clone ssh://<id>@git.java.net/avatar-js~src avatar-js
d) Download test-ng from http://testng.org/doc/download.html
unzip bundle and place testng.jar somewhere in your workspace
4. Edit ~/.avatar-js.properties to set various locations
(Ensure that there is no trailing slash after a property value), for example
source.home = /ws/source (from 2a)
libuv.home = /ws/libuv-java (from 3a)
http-parser.home = /ws/http-parser-java (from 3b)
avatar-js.home = /ws/avatar-js (from 3c)
testng.jar = /ws/lib/testng.jar (from 3d)
5. Setup environment so that native libraries can be found
cd avatar-js
export PATH=%CWD%/dist;%PATH% (windows)
6. Configure
a) ant setup
7. Build - ensure ant, jdk8 and appropriate c++ compiler/linker is in PATH
a) ant jar-all
b) ant clean-all (to clean project and dependencies)
c) ant -Dbuild.type=Release jar-all (to build Release configuration)
8. Test
a) might need to set LANG=en_US.UTF-8
b) Some crypto tests require
Java Cryptography Extension Unlimited Jurisdiction Policy Files
to be installed from
follow the instructions in the download, files for Java7 work in Java8
c) java -jar dist/avatar-js.jar src/test/js/test-runner.js test/simple/
(test-runner.js supports many options, look at source for help)
d) java -jar dist/avatar-js.jar src/test/js/test-runner.js test/crypto/
e) java -jar dist/avatar-js.jar src/test/js/test-runner.js -timeout 180 test/pummel/
9. Running applications
java -jar dist/avatar-js.jar app.js
Limitations and Gotchas
1. Platforms tested
a) Ubuntu Linux x64
b) Mac OS X Mountain Lion
c) Windows 7 & 8 x64
2. Dependencies
Requires a recent build of jdk8 (b108+)
3. Globals - some additional globals are exposed
a) context of type ScriptContext [http://download.java.net/jdk8/docs/api/javax/script/ScriptContext.html]
b) __avatar (non-iterable) container for some avatar-specific globals
4. Limitations of the vm module
Objects loaded in a new context and accessed from the current context have some strong limitations -
a) Only a subset of JavaScript API is available on these objects
b) equality (==, ===) will not work as expected
5. Limitations on __proto__
a) __proto__ cannot be set to undefined
affects the ejs module used by express
6. No const keyword
a) the const keyword is not supported, replace with var
affects the mongodb and grunt modules
7. No signal handlers installed by default
some generate EINVAL (invalid argument)
the JVM installs some of its own and we do not want to cause conflicts
an app can install signal handlers as needed using