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Sitting next to me at this high-topped table at Google's Mountain View campus,
a German, sitting across from me, a Pole, and to his left, a hacker from
Portugal. With my usual flagrant disregard for the adage "not to discuss
politics nor religion in polite company," I asked some pointed questions about
politics nor religion in polite company," I ask some pointed questions about
the crises and challenges facing the European Union. It's October of 2016 and
the discussion is about to become **heated**.
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Had I not been part of an open source project, and had I not been fortunate
enough to participate in a program with global reach like the Google Summer
of Code, I would have never been exposed to different (sometimes radically so)
of Code, I would have never been exposed to different, sometimes radically so,
Long ago, I cannot quite place when, a debate occurred in an open source
project as to whether the project's website should include a
[planet](, and if so, should
[planet](\)), and if so, should
all blog posts be aggregated or ones only tagged as relevant to the project.
A compelling argument in favor of including *all* blog posts from the project's