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@ -8,13 +8,18 @@ getting his start in the [FreeBSD](http://freebsd.org) project, and then
working with the [Python](https://python.org),
[Ruby](https://ruby-lang.org/en/), and [Puppet](https://puppet.com)
communities. Most of his open source work has been within the [Jenkins
project](https://jenkins.io), where he has helped with advocacy, governance, and
project](https://jenkins.io), where he helped with advocacy, governance, and
community infrastructure. Tyler was a board member for the
Jenkins project and helped initiate the [Continuous Delivery
Recently his focus has been in the [Delta Lake](https://github.com/delta-io)
and [Rust](https://rust-lang.org) communities, exploring the potential
use-cases for Rust in high concurrenccy data processing and ingestion.
* For email: rtyler at brokenco dot de
* For email: `rtyler` at `brokenco` dot `de`
* [rtyler](https://github.com/rtyler/) on GitHub
* [@agentdero](https://twitter.com/agentdero) on Twitter
* [@agentdero](https://twitch.tv/agentdero) on Twitch