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# Used for the RSS feed generator
url: 'http://brokencosohcv73p6vohqdz65vnbk5nqjuifjhepcedignejajswinad.onion/'

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layout: post
title: "Now available via a Tor .onion"
- tor
Good news everyone! This site can now be accessed via a
[Tor Onion Service](
While the main site `` is served via GitHub Pages for HTTP, the
entirety of this content is also available at the following onion (v3) service:
I have also added the
`meta http-equiv` tag, which can allow the Tor Browser to _automatically_ switch the the onion service when you navigate to ``.
This affects the Gopher service I operate as well, which can be accessed at: `gopher://brokencosohcv73p6vohqdz65vnbk5nqjuifjhepcedignejajswinad.onion`