A Jenkins plugin to integrate DeployDB
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DeployDB Plugin for Jenkins

Build Status

Triggers builds based on incoming DeployDB webhooks, and reports the results back to DeployDB.

Webhook configuration

Your DeployDB installation should be configured to send all webhook events to $JENKINS_BASE_URL/deploydb/trigger

Jenkins should be configured with the base URL to your DeployDB instance, so that it knows where build results should be reported to: Manage Jenkins → Configure System → DeployDB.


This plugin is built with the Jenkins Gradle plugin.

To start an instance of Jenkins at http://localhost:8080/ with the plugin installed:
./gradlew server

To run the test cases:
./gradlew test

To build the plugin, ready for installation into Jenkins:
./gradlew jpi

The plugin will be written to build/libs/deploydb-jenkins.hpi.


One-time preparation

  • You must have a Jenkins account
  • Add your credentials to ~/.jenkins-ci.org in the following form:

For each release

To publish a plugin update to the Jenkins update centre:

  • Update the top-level version property in build.gradle
  • Commit: git commit -am "Preparing for release ${VERSION}."
  • Tag: git tag deploydb-jenkins-plugin-${VERSION}
  • Push: git push && git push --tags
  • Release: ./gradlew clean publish

Assuming the Gradle build went well, you can confirm here that the release was uploaded correctly: http://repo.jenkins-ci.org/releases/org/jenkins-ci/plugins/deploydb/

The plugin update should appear in the Jenkins update centre within four to eight hours.